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Rose Paris has recently switched to being a Music Publishing business. Before hand, it was acting as a Music Publishing business, along with ventures in Computer Services, Programming, and Consulting. Now being able to fully concentrate on Music Publishing, Rose Paris is able to go and dedicate the time, and energy to pursue building a Music Ministry, in conjunction with a Commercial Music aspect.

Since 2007, Rose Paris has been working double time, to publish out albums. Working on my own collection of music which dates back to music recorded on high grade professional 8-track DA-88 machines, and now converted over to Logic Pro 8/9/X as well as Ableton Live 8/9. In this period since 1997 till the present, in my own works have assembled enough material to produce 18 albums. The albums are being released under the Artist: Onitod. In addition as a music ministry effort another artist was born to release an additional 12 albums or more, which will be released under the Artist Spoken Hope. Spoken Hope was a name that I founded in 1996.