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To buy albums for Spoken Hope or Onitod you can visit a few places:

J House Publishing
Disk Faktory Jams
DF Jams Store

To Sign up for emails of daily verses:

My Daily Verse

To sign up for a self-paced Bible study, upon which you can change the number of chapters per day, pause, and change versions at any time, go here:

Deliver My Verse


This Ministry supports other ministries, locally and beyond:

Keller Store House (Keller)
Mentor ME (California)
Berry Good Buys / Safe Haven of Tarrant County (Fort Worth)
Christ’s Haven / Barley Used (Keller)
Arc of Texas (Dallas)
Captain Hope’s Kids (Dallas)
J.D. Bennett (Missionary to Spain)
2nd Glance (Fort Worth)
6stones (Euless)

To Support these ministries, Rose Paris gives away Cd’s from both Onitod and Spoken Hope albums, so that these ministries can sell them and raise support. Every time a duplication or replication run is made, a certain amount of cd’s no less than 10%, and sometimes upwards of 50% are given away to help support these valuable local and beyond ministries.

Spoken Hope Albums, were made to support others, and if it all possible, this will continue on, in supporting more ministries as we go.

Onitod, though I try to give away the albums, to raise support for these ministries is the more commercial product, and the funds made from that album, mostly go to cover costs for Rose Paris, including maintaining studio equipment, computers, hard drives, and funding the cost of duplicating/replicating albums.

Onitod is for hire for paid projects, and custom made soundtracks, film scores, commercial music, background music, or ambient/mood music. Please send an email to
sam at roseparis dot com, and put as the subject “Re: Onitod — Custom Music”.

Thanks for your support.