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Rose ParisMusic The Future of MusicOnitod – Beg To Differ [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Onitod – Beg To Differ [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Beg to Differ, was the first song that I recorded, produced, and mastered purely in Logic Pro. Featuring the driving vintage forces of sound from the Roland TR-909, JD-800, JD-990, MKS-80, Juno-106, Juno-1, Juno-2, and some other favorites.

Beg to Differ, was part of my spiritual journey. It was the part of the journey, when I had not realized it was in fact a journey, and a spiritual one. In this time, I had found a discontentment, which had built up over the last 10 years, about running into blockades with writing. What some commonly call, writers block. I was determined, that I needed to overcome this problem that I had to deal with, and started to very much desire a new way of dealing with song writing.

This track was first recorded in MOTU Digital Performer. Using a SoundCraft LX7, and an Art TubeFile8, I found that I was not getting the sound in the computer, to match the sound from the LX7 directly, and after many failed attempts to get things working, I switched from MOTU Digital Performer, to Logic Pro.

That was the last time I used MOTU Digital Performer. Once I started with Logic Pro, I had found my victory. Immediately I was able to reproduce the sounds from my LX7, into Logic, with great transparency. Then I was also able to fix the track, and arrange it, for the first time in my career, to my exact liking. This became my first hit, using Logic, with performance and flexibility to boot, I started writing many many songs, and this one was the beginning of it all.

When you face a trial in life, it is best to know, that all trials can be overcome. Many ways to overcome, do not come, by traditional methods, but they do come by diligence and perseverance. Hang on, hold on, and expect a better outcome, and surely, you will seek it and find it.

The future of music, for me, was that I stopped throwing away and walking away from sequences, that I had made. It was the first album I did in Logic Pro, and it was the frist set of songs, where I started thinking of how to solve the musical problems, rather than walk away from them.

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