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Rose ParisLooking for the Sunshine MusicOnitod – Relentless [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Onitod – Relentless [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Relentless is fueled by a driving pumping Juno-6, that is pulsating with perseverance. Combing a number of vintage synth sounds in an EDM style, this track keeps moving along. Featuring Roland TR-909, K11, MC-303, KS4, MKS-50, Emu UltraProteus, JV-880, JD-800, JD-990, U-110, Sh-101, Juno-106, and other classics. At 2:34 the style changes, and the song is revived, with a driving second rhythm.

Relentless, is a theme for looking past all your current troubles, and seeing new possibility on the horizon. It is focused on what is next, and striving to attain, and move to that which is next, when the now is filled with depression and frustration.

Things can be different, for those who choose to see another ray of light, there will be another ray of light to find. Awakening to realization of other choices, and other opportunities is the initial step to this new way, this new light. For those who believe in better outcomes, believe relentlessly with a sort of obsession, that a brighter, better future is possible, and then you will see things come together, that will bring about that, which you have been seeking.

This album focused on the struggles with depression, and was aimed to be a hope, to those who are struggling through. The title equates to looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, or the notion that some who are depressed feel less so when they see the sunshine, so they look for the sunshine.

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