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Rose ParisLooking for the Sunshine MusicOnitod – Settling Thoughts [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Onitod – Settling Thoughts [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Settling Thoughts, embraces a chill track in an easy to listen electronic arrangement. Complete with Emu Proteus, JV-880, TR-909, TR-707, JD-800, JD-990, MKS-50, Juno-106, Juno-2, Juno-1, TR-626.

Softly pulsating, in the background, let your mind be put to ease. The song slowly progresses, into stress and destress, overcoming the odds, with a steady and powerful groove, that unlock the mind, and allow the mind to settle, and change course. The sounds bring for plasticity of the mind, with winds of liquified change to come and heal you anew.

To change the tide, in your life, or decide on a new direction in life, settle your mind, and let the sounds sooth your soul. Lean into your inner thoughts, and let them fade away like pillows, pushing through the clarity of disorder, and see a new light, and a new opportunity, that enlightens your soul, and brings life to your mind and body. Let the groove gather your heart, and soul, and plunge into a bliss of stress-reduction, and you find your way, and align your thoughts.

Enjoy this video of driving down Mount Scott, in Oklahoma, looking out the window. Put your mind at ease, and let your thoughts settle, as you take a break in your busy day.

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