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Rose ParisAnalog Movements MusicOnitod – Snowflake Angel [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Onitod – Snowflake Angel [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Snowflake Angel is a full-bodied composition, featuring, rich thick and fat pad sounds, which treat your ears to luscious textures. Featuring a Roland Sh-101, MKS-30, MKS-50, Juno-106, JX-3P, TR-909, Korg, Novation, N1R, KS4, Emu Proteus, Roland JV-880, JD-990, JD-800, MKS-80, Kawai K11.

Looking for the refreshing full featured compositions, that take your ears on a journey, and your soul to another dimension, this is the kind of audience this song was written for. Pondering, or contemplating a life decision, this track has a way of cutting through the grime of indecision, and cloudiness, and bringing forth clarity, and finalization to thoughts, ideas, creativity, and production of transmutation of thoughts and ideas.

This album was created around 1999-2001. Focuses heavily on analog keyboards. The sequences were done on a Roland MC50Mk2, and then tracked into 3 Tascam Da88 Multitrack recorders, and then mixed down on a 24 channel Soundcraft LX7, and then mastered between minidisc, and Soundforge. The primary gear was Roland Juno106, Juno1, Juno2, jx3p, mks50, mks10, mks30, mks80, mks70, tr909, tr707, tr626, mc303, sh101, Korg, Novation, Emu, and Kawai.

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