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Rose ParisMusic The Future of MusicOnitod – Submersible Dance Machine [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Onitod – Submersible Dance Machine [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Submersible Dance Machine, is a pop/rock/electro track, that combines elements of EDM, pop, Jazz, Rock, and Alternative.

This was the first album I published under the name Onitod. Even though I had written a lot of the music over a 10 year period of time, I really did not publish any of it till starting in 2007/2008. I had been writing music well enough to publish since 1997/1998, but the timing never fell into place, it never came together, till 2007 when things started moving, and then I started publishing in 2008. So most of the music was just sitting on a hard drive, or on a tape, or in a corner, on a cd, and not being used or listened to, it was just collecting, and nothing was happening. Then in 2007, I got Logic Pro, and it made sense to me. I had protools, but nothing came out better than it went in, and the tools did not work well. I switched to Motu digital performer, but that was worse, it was over complicated. When I got to Logic Pro, all of a sudden things made sense, and I started getting high quality output. It was the first time, I ever recorded something, and the playback was better than what I recorded. I was amazed, and on the mac, my productivity exploded. The first couple of songs I wrote, were not meant to be turned into songs, I just wrote them to learn how to use the software, to see what the software could do. Those practice songs became the entire album: The Future of Music. It was written and recorded in a little over one week. It was the first time, I sequenced on something different than my trusty roland mc50mk2.

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