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Rose ParisLooking for the Sunshine MusicOnitod – The Rain Will Come and Go [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Onitod – The Rain Will Come and Go [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

The Rain Will Come and Go, is a driving electronic track, heavy on the EDM. It uses a variety of vintage sounds to sooth and satisfy the soul. This pieces is more AB oriented, and switches back between its two themes, revolving certain parts The sounds are laced from sound sources such as the Roland TR-909, MKS-50, MKS-80, Juno-106, Juno-6, Juno-2, JV-880, Kawai K11, and many others.

This title is about understanding, that no matter who you are, poor or rich, no matter wealth, skin color, where you live in the world, how tall or short, or skinny overweight, no matter what, every one in the world goes through and has to deal with problems. Problems, challenges, and struggles are a part of human life, but we can choose how to handle and deal with those issues. We can choose to overcome them, or be overwhelmed by them.

I choose the title, because many difficulties are temporary. We may think that they last for a long time, but they are here, and then gone tomorrow. Many difficulties are not worth the time and emotion that we give them, they are not worth the effort or attention that we set aside for them. May you remember as you  go through life, no matter what you are facing, depression, sadness, hopelessness, despair, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, hesitation, self-confidence, or self-esteem, discouragement, anger, frustration, those only last so long, and then they are gone. So remember that you are free to find the positive, free to enjoy your life, free to seek better outcomes, free to seek protection and guidance from God. Just like the rain, troubles come and go.

This album is about waiting for the lull to be over. Waiting for the sun to come out again. Waiting for the break is life, for things to be less busy. For things to be more calm. Though, when that time comes, enjoy the quiet, enjoy the calm, for things get busy sooner or later.

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