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Onitod – On A Quest [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

On A Quest, is filled with the vintage vibe, Roland TR-707, TR-909, MKS-50, Juno-106, EMU Proteus, and Morpheus, Roland Juno-6, Juno-2, Siel, JD-990, JD-800, JV-880. This song morphs between two themes. The wanderer on a journey, looking and checking down the paths, exploring the surrounds, finding that they change as they move on. The end of the song wraps around to the beginning to complete the course, but it ends in a diffusion of sound.

Many time we are on a quest, one that turns out differently than expected. Many times the coping methods that we use to survive, are not what bring us the happiness and joy, we had once searched for. Sometimes the choices we make, take us away from where we want to go. Hope is always possible, and it is always around the corner. That corner may look cloudy, or seem distant, but trust in the Lord, and hold the course, for resolution.

Looking for the sunshine, is all about a journey, all about realizing your role in this life, and that you make choices, and you can grow in which ever direction you feed your choices. This video illustrates, how I climbed a tree, and then climbed down, because I saw something more precious at the base. Acheivement, can lead to disillusioned success, and a life less fully lived. Stay tuned for more.

Onitod – Making Sense of it All [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Making Sense of it All, is an electronic piece, featuring many old vintage analog synths, including Juno-6, juno-60, Juno-1, Juno-2, U-110, U-220, P-330, Jd-800, JD-990, TR-909, among others.

This song starts out as pure confusion, and then finds resolve. Such is life, how many times we face uncertain things, and then find resolve only much later on. Press forward, and move on, and you too shall make it through this trial. Life is filled with trials, and your trials are like mine, we all face them, but we all have the opportunity to make it through, and to pass through that will is around us, or before us.

This video is an abstract video, and it coordinates with the theme. A lot of things in life do not make too much sense, and they are difficult to sort out. Dealing the cronic issues, day in and day out, is taxing, and frustrating, and for those who go through them, they are hard burdens to get a hold of. This album reflects on those struggles, and the nature of depression, going through the cronic issues, you are always hoping that there will be a day, when it ends, when what you are dealing with stops being an issue. Keep hoping, and keep looking for the sunshine, or things in your life, that you have to look forward to, and adopt a plan to be grateful for those things which you do have, and appreciate what is good in your life, that helps make it better, and can sustain your life through some long and unknown passageways.

Onitod – Forgiving [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Forgiving, is a track, which is rich in vintage sounds. Starting off with the Roland TR-707, and JD-800, Juno-106, MKS-80 JD-990 and others.

This song is to remember that forgiveness is a huge part of the spiritual journey. Forgiveness is not only to others, but also to yourself. We fail in so many ways, every day, we fail, and fall short of something that we are trying to attain, and we much learn, that to move forward, to be health, and to heal, that we must go and learn the art of forgiving.

Forgiveness is achieved, when feelings are no longer stirred up, when someone’s name comes to our mind, or some place comes to our mind. Healing is achieved, when the emotion is disjoined from the situation or circumstance, that it was held to.

Forgiveness, is a huge part of a peaceful, joyful, and long lived life, and it is especially true to find healing and forgiveness sooner than later. It is best sometimes, to think ourselves foolish, and let go of the pain, or what ever we had suffered.

When forgiveness has been realized, then it is good for us to hope and expect for better things, for more pleasant things, for a good journey forward, and for a life of opportunity and happiness to still be possible.

Onitod – Terms of Realization [ Album: Eulogy ]

Terms of Realization is a pop/edm piece, which features a bass grove, with strings. An arpeggio carries the melody through. While a industrial guitar adds some percussive elements and drive.

This song, is instrumental, but reflects on the idea of becoming self-aware about your life, and what kind of legacy, or impact you want to leave, or how you might like to leave the world. Its about coming to terms with death, and the multiple ways of dealing with it, and deciding to make the best of what you have now, and what you have left, living with an end in mind.

Terms of realization might best be through of as the journey to becoming more aware of yourself now, so that you have a chance to change who you become. It is about freedom to choose now, coming to those choices now, sooner than later. It is about coming to those terms of where you are in life now, and choosing to deal with them, most hopefully for a better outcome, one that you can even influence.

Onitod – Joyful [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Joyful, is featured on the Album Spiritual Fruit. It is an electronic up-tempo song, that is sure to get you going. It is composed using traditional analog synths.

Featuring a tr-909, juno-106, jd-800, jv-880, mks10, mks50, mks70, mks80, and other beloved analog synths, it uses the original hardware in the recordings. This album was recored through a Soundcraft LX7, and then in DA-88s. It was mastered, and mixed on Logic Pro 8.

The name Joyful, comes from the qualities of the Hoy Spirit, one of which is joyfulness. The titles of all the tracks are fruits of the Spirit, hence the name of the album.

This album features music that was recorded between 1997-2008. It is electronic music, with alterations, and variations. Mostly along the lines of ambient, or new age, with a hint of jazz progressions, or odd sounds.

Onitod – Mellow Frequency [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Mellow Frequency, is one of the top tracks off the album The Future of Music, It is an electronic album, with edm themes and components. It features guitar, drums, bass, and synths. It features analog synths, as well as soft-synths and samplers.

This was made with Logic Pro 8, and recorded in 2007. It was designed for commercial, and pop use.

Featuring an easy to listen and hypnotic tone, that draws you into the composition, and encourages you to chill, and stay a while.

This album was the first album I recorded and arranged/composed on Logic. Before that, I had been working on protools, and a hardware sequencer, a Roland MC50-MK2. This album combined drums, bass, guitar, and synths together, using guitar amp models from within Logic 8.

Onitod – Life is Fragile [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Life is Fragile, is not only a term that is true, in one second, life can change quickly. However, in this album, it had to do with music being fragile. There is a thin line, between making a song, and writing a bunch of notes, and hoping they work out.

This album, was a groundbreaking album for me. I had started on a Roland MC-50MK2, and tried to go through route of protools only to be frustrated. As a primarily midi composer, I found protools to not help, and I had to resume on my mc-50mk2, using a sync channel to keep multiple parts recorded together.

Being limited by the MC-50MK2, was the fact, that it was brutally hard and difficult to edit on the unit. The machine was very reliable, but very cumbersome to work with.

I had a small endeavor with MOTU’s performer, writing a single song in the software, before I donated it to someone else. The recording using that software was so horrible, that I decided MOTU was not the way to go.

Finally in 2007, I found Logic, or rather I got a Mac, and then I bought Logic. Logic was the culmination of every tool that I had needed, and it was accessible to me all at once. All the quantization problems that I had were gone. The ability to change and rearrange, and transpose midi notes, all of a sudden easy to do. What took days and hours to accomplish in the Roland MC-50MK2 was minutes in Logic.

It was at this time that I really found my software, and what was even more, is that in the preceding 10 years, I had written 800 sequences in that MC-50mk2, but most of those ended in sorrow, because I did not posses the tools to go and fix the tracks, and make them correctly. Since I could not fix the midi, I was not able to use many of them, so when I hit a snag, I started a new sequence and hoped for better results.

In December of 2007, I started out with Logic, and I determined, that I was going to start writing songs, that I would find a way to finish them, and complete them, and no longer leave them as half done, or thrown to sorrow. That is what The Future of Music was for me. The first songs that I wrote in Logic, where for the first time in my composing history, was able to fix, and get past the blocks that I normally got stuck on.

It was the first time, in my career, that I moved past, all the stumbling blocks, and started moving around them, and past them. I started defeating my problems, and finding innovative ways to arrange the music, and really make some great music.

The album is really about my break through, in recording and composing, in that now I had the leverage to make choices, and solve problems, and move ahead.

Life is fragile, but life can also be adventurous, and exciting, and fun.

Onitod – Realism [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Realism is an art form, and that is what this title conveys. Working with vintage synths, and old analog gear, required patience, and timing, and learning what you could and could not do, and then practicing with the instrument to get it to perform the way you anticipated it to.

Realism is an electronic piece, that is relaxing and peaceful. It is filled with lush sounds and pads from the 70s and 80s, including Roland juno-106, juno-1, mks10, mks50, mks80, emu, k11, jv-880, jd-800, tr-909, and many more.

Realism is one of the many songs, in this album Analog Movements, that I focused on the vintage sounds, the character of the music, and the interaction of the tones themselves.

Onitod – Reconnecting [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Reconnecting, is an electronic song, that is full of lush and rich tones from analog vintage synths. It was also recorded to sound from its own era, to preserve the old analog character it was recorded on high quality preamps, from a SoundCraft LX7 mixer, and placed through DA-88s, and other high-quality gear, to have excellent audio qualities.

Reconnecting, a track off of the depression themed album, Looking for the Sunshine, is a reminder, that once the depression passes, to reconnect with that which was once lost.

In my deepest tales, I was once at a point, where I felt very broken, and frankly, that I would never function again normal, that I had even lost my capability to love, or be loved, and that I was washed up and broken. Through a series of events, and encounters with God, I was able to rectify this frame of mind, and return to a life, where I experienced that I was not broken, and that I could be revived, and brought back to life, back to normal, back to functioning, and enjoying, and taking pleasure in the things around me.

My friends, turn arounds, are always possible, and at the point, where you believe that is possible for your life, that is the point at which you will start to see the possibility manifest before your eyes, and you yourself will change with words, that you may not even have realized or imagined in the place that you are now. If you believe you can be brought back to life, as I was, than it is certainly possible for you as well. If your desire is to experience that, then all that is needed to start that journey for you, will begin to emerge before your eyes, and then you can reconnect to the joy and happiness and pleasure, that you have not had access to all this time.

Onitod – Trustworthy [ Album: Eulogy ]

Trustworthy, is an electronic analog composition, which was composed using many of the loved and popular vintage synths. It features tr-909, juno-106, juno-60, juno-6, mks10, mks30, mks50, mks70, mks80, emu ultraproteus, emu morpheus, tr-707, tr-626, kawai k11, and more.

Trustworthy, was one of my character traits, that I wanted to be remembered by. As Eulogy was an album, of things to be remembered by, so the song tracks contain all of those traits, that I wanted to have prominently in my life, and as a result, have aligned my life to posses those traits, and head in that direction.

Its important to remember, that when you discover in life that you want to make a change in direction, that you do so step by step. You can only change so much a day, sometimes only one habit at a time. As you go, you build up one trait, or habit, one by one, and soon afterwards, you have made great changes in your life.