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Onitod – Eternal Love [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Eternal Love, is a song about my love and passion for electronic music, and how I love to revive the sounds, of the vintage synths.

Vintage synths, were not so much just transistors and circuits, but the way they interacted, is close to how a guitarist falls in love, with the acoustics of their guitar, or of their tube amp. The synths, of the olden age, they interacted, they played, they had a feeling, a character, a way about them, and to mix those feelings are character together, you get a sense of how they were born, of the feelings the designs had, or could not have every imagined.

Eternal love, also speaks about God’s love to each one of us. If we so desired, each one of us, could have a personal and direct relationship with God, and even receive guidance, direction, and comfort, many times over in our lives. So it is for this reason as well, that I named this song Eternal Love, to remind me of that connection, that leads me and guides me.

Onitod – A Swan Dances in the Rain [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

A Swan Dances in the Rain, is an exclusive melodic song, in that it focuses on themes, and rounds, much like a classical piece. The construction, is melodic, and relaxing, soothing to the soul.

The album was written with the struggle of depression in mind. For those who do struggle, it is a reminder that like a swan that dances in the rain, there is always something more fascinating that the mind can focus on, a perfect distraction, if you will, and the swan dancing in the rain, is a symbol of the beauty that is missed, and lost, when depression is allowed to run free, and trample of your enjoyment, and pleasure of living on this earth. When you find yourself pending to the side of depression, have a hint to remember all that will be lost, the beauty that will be missed, and all the joy, that has to be passed up, to stay focused on depression.

Onitod – Between Space and Sound [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Between Space and Sound, is a deep electronic song, that is themed around the love of old vintage synths. The music is specific to use elements and old sounds to stir up the vintage era, and showcase the sounds that were available, and prominent in the 70s and 80s.

The whole album, Analog Movements, is about collections of sounds together, living in innovative and pleasant ways. The track features rich pads from the Roland Juno-106 coupled with drums from the Roland TR-909.

Onitod – The Sun Will Always Be Shining [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

The Sun Will Always Be Shining, is a reminder, that at any given time, we can all focus on what is great in our lives, or the positive side of things.

Thoughts can be highly destructive, or they can be highly constructive. I’ve heard the best way to pull yourself out of a slump is to behave how you would if you felt great. Lift up your arms, straighten your back, breathe nice and deep, and start filling your head with positive thoughts.

While you begin that journey, remember that the Sun will always be shining. You can always look for positive throughs, and if you think long enough, you can always find something to be grateful for.

Onitod – Awakening [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Awakening is a top track off of the album Looking for the Sunshine. This album focused on themes of depression, and the turn-around  that could happen by looking for gratitude and positive thoughts in one’s life.

Looking for the Sunshine is an album filled with electronic vintage synths, lush melodies, and a journey of rich synth textures and sounds. This track aims to lift up the shades, and bring in the light.

Whether relaxing, or looking for a way to de-stress, this track helps to sooth the soul, and bring one to a place of peace and comfort.

Onitod – Righteous [ Album: Eulogy ]

This track, which is posted on Youtube, combines Electronic EDM elements, with vintage synth sounds, and melodic tones.

Eulogy, is an album which centers around thinking about one’s legacy, and how to prepare for death, by living now. In being reminded about what a Eulogy might say about you, you have option now, while you are still alive to change your future, and what you will be remembered for.

Onitod has been writing music since 1992, and albums released since 2007. During the years 1998-2008 Onitod sequenced 800 songs, and recorded well over 300 of them.