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Rose ParisMusic Spiritual FruitOnitod – Temperant [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Onitod – Temperant [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Temperant starts off with errie sounds, and driving string section, as it pick up speed, it picks up analog vintage snyths. Featuring the Roland TR-909, Emu Proteus, Roland JV-880, Roland JD-800, JD-990, U-110, Juno-106, Juno-2, Juno-1, MKS50, MKS100, MC-50MK2.

The song, climbs, and climbs building momentum, and finally reaching the end, and then resolving.

The word Temperant, means to be steady, to be calm. To be able to handle things, in a way which is not emotionally charged. To not be out of control, or hot-headed. Today, in many cultures we lack the ability to keep control of our own selves, and to have self-control, to be able to take a deep breath, and step back down. It is a lost art to be in control of oneself, with rush hour traffic, and speedy deadlines, life is much a busy whirlwind of activity, that many times does not afford us peace or the luxury to be able to slow down, and be in harmony, not only with our surroundings, but within our selves, in our inner selves.

This album was a series of older music that I did. Music that sat around for almost 10 years, before I brought it to cd. I like to think of myself as a later bloomer, or rather, sometimes it takes a while in life, to get to a place where you start growing.

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