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Rose ParisMusic Spiritual FruitOnitod – Good [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Onitod – Good [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Good, is a laid back, strong force powerful electronic piece. It is a slow-moving, yet incredibly vivid chords and leads thrive. This track features the Roland TR-909, JD-800, MKS-80, Kawai K11, MKS-50, Juno-106, Korg AX30G, Soundcraft LX7, Tascam DA-88. This song was mastered on Logic Pro. With elements of trip-hop, EDM, and other influences, it rocks away, in an industrial hypnosis.

Good was a song that I really loved producing. The rich sounds, and epic pads, and staunch leads, just give the composition such character. I wanted to convey that Good is a strong and excellent quality to have in your life. Good demands that you act with integrity and honesty in your life, and that you try to pursue what is noble and right. While thinking of Spiritual Fruit, I realized that I wanted to setup what a good role-model would be like, and the Bible does this, by giving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which it refers to as Spiritual Fruit. The qualities that one comes to bear, when they have been walking a spiritual life, one that follows Jesus, and abides in the vine.

This is one of the classic songs I composed with my core equipment, using the roland tr909, juno106, mks80, mks50, and kawai k11, along with a korg ax30g, mixed down on a soundcraft lx7, and tracked on a tascam da88, sequenced with a roland mks50mk2, and a jd800. I wanted to write an album with talked about spiritual fruit. Onitod was my vechicle that I used to remember God by. I find my hope and inspiration spread across the work that God did through me, and this work, allowed me to remember Him, and to learn to turn to Him. I was able to associate the songs, with actions and memories, and then I was able to recall those, and as I listened to these songs in the car, or on commutes, or while drifting off to sleep, I was reminded of God’s presence in my liife, and how He carried me, and has grow me shaped me and molded me over my years. My this song and this album be an inspiration to you, as you hear it, and listen to it.

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