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Rose ParisMusic Spiritual FruitOnitod – Loving [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Onitod – Loving [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Loving is a track that is driven by an SH-101 lead, wrapped with EMU Audity 2000 drums, TR-909 drums, as well as a Kawai K11, Juno 106, and EMU Ultraproteus. This bold piece stirs up all the components of emotion to deliver a tasteful depiction electronic EDM piece.

Loving is a wonderful trait, that has no end to its inherent value. Love grows so many traits, and the things that come from it are priceless. Love has the ability to pull courage, boldness, strength, peace, calmness, and forgiveness, sometimes all at once.

This track, uses a sh101 as a lead, and then is accompanied by an emu audity 2000, a roland juno 106, and emu ultraproteus, a roland mks80, a roland tr909, and various other analog synths

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